Drakkon – Orc Mage

I return to Desolation Hold to continue to campaign against the slimy Alliance dogs. After doing my part to eliminate those scum, I head down to Firestone Point and my old lover, Mankrik. Uh, I mean, old friend. Yeah, friend, that’s it.

I’m not sure if it’s just me or what, but things seem to be dying a lot more quickly now than they have before with this class/spec. Maybe I’m just now getting the right rotation, maybe I’m being less dependent on Fire-specific spellcasting, but dying is just not a real concern. My crit chance is under 10% but it comes up often enough that I’m starting to like it.

I attain level 40 while taking on Mangletooth, then head to Spearhead and blow up the dwarf fortress. That gets me Evocation, which is almost useless at this point since mana is never a problem. After that I head into Dustwallow Marsh.

After making my way to Brackenwall Village, I tackle the questline there, reaching level 41 after handling the ogre’s questioning of the Alliance dudes. I deal with spiders and investigate the mystery, as well as doing some work for Jarl, making level 42 along the way.

I decide it’s about time to take a break, so I hearth back to Thunder Bluff and do the banking/skilling thing for this session. I do the dailies next, then retire from this round and insert myself into the persona of … whom?


Ethriah – Undead Rogue

I begin in Undercity and head out to the Western Plaguelands. Fighting the Scourge and Alliance in Andorhal gets me quickly to level 40. I complete the initial quests there and take out the three big bad guys and then head to the Bulwark.

Hitting 40, I get the skills Adrenaline Rush (a nice boost to Energy regeneration and attack speed for 15 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown) and Kidney Shot, which is a stun something like Cheap Shot but that uses combat points instead of requiring stealth. The Combat Rogue has never been one of my favorite class/specs, but I am really starting to see the advantages involved. It’s like they have a card to play in every situation, whereas the other specs are more stealth-dependent. Just my opinion at this level range, you understand.

I complete the first round of quests at The Bulwark and make it to level 41 when I turn them in. Note that this includes a LOT of herb gathering and one digsite. I take a minute to fly back to Brill to train my riding skill, the head out to Felstone Field. After completing the tasks assigned to me there, my trike starts going to The Mender’s Stead.

Now, I absolutely hate these kinds of escort or “assist” quests. This one isn’t so bad, Zen’Kiki doesn’t draw any aggro until I start attacking, at least on the first part. The thing with the birds, however, is entirely different. I’m glad that I’m Combat spec so I can actually handle going into combat without being in stealth.

I reach level 42 after the thing with the birds and decide to take a quick trip back to Undercity to do a bit of banking. I’ve also learned the skill Detect Traps, incidentally, which I have yet to find much use for in the game. But hey, it’s a new skill, so who’s complaining?

Continuing on to the Lumber Camp, I complete the quests there and head on to Hearthglen. The deal with challenging the recruits to combat also takes away my stealth advantage, but as a Combat rogue it doesn’t pose all that much of a problem. I kill the spider in the mine, then head back to Undercity for the banking and skilling part of the session.

After taking care of that and doing the dailies, I rest from my unlife and rise instead in the guise of … whom?

Brakuran – Dwarf Shaman

I return to Jintha’Alor to complete the troll complex, making it to level 39 when I turn those quests in to finish that questline. Then I’m off to Quel’Danil Lodge and take up the fight against the huge spider. After gathering the parts to the idol, during which time I achieve level 40, I summon the beast and crush her.

At level 40 I get Burning Wrath, which increases my spell power. It also increases the spell power of my party members but as I’m doing this solo that won’t come into play. I go back to Ironforge for banking then get my banker to buy me a little extra mail armor. The prices on this realm are insane so I only get one piece, but then I head up to the Western Plaguelands.

I attain level 41 before leaving Andorhal and head to Chillwind Camp. I deal with the bears there and calm the spirits at the tomb then head out for the Writhing Haunt, then the Mender’s Stead where I reach level 42.

The Enhancement Shaman is a bit squishy. Perhaps the Mail Armor at 40 will help when I get more, but his health is getting lower than I’d like. Not low enough for concern about dying, you understand, but still lower than usual for most. The healing spell Healing Surge is nice but takes a big chunk out of mana for a short time. I always played the EnhSha as an in-your-face character getting into melee as quickly as possible, but throwing the Lightning Bolts first seems to be a better strategy.

I deal with Mender’s Stead and head on to Heathglen, where I assist them with their difficulties. After completing those quests, I head back to Mender’s Stead and decide that this is a good breaking point for this round. After a short Real Life (that mythological place people go between gaming sessions) nap, I do the banking and skilling end of things in Ironforge, having picked up a surprising amount of Goldthorn letting me level my Alchemy a bit. I get to a level where I can even use the Stonescale Eels I picked up somewhere.

After completing the dailies in Ironforge and incidentally just making it to level 43, I then take a well-deserved rest. I roll the dice (metaphorically speaking) and assume the identity of … whom?

Moreligo – Orc Warrior

I start by completing these starter quests at Karnum’s Glade, then taking care of the centaurs and the basilisks. I hit 40 along the path, getting back to the Glade and then sent to take care of the demons and the portals to hell.

The progress on Kalimdor seems much slower than that in the Eastern Kingdoms. I am certainly going a lot faster with the dual-wield of 2h weapons and (some) plate armor, but still at a snail’s pace compared to the characters in the East. I am killing things much faster than the mage as well, but most of them don’t seem to be worth any experience. Perhaps it will pick up in the next zone.

I finally hit level 41 while fighting the Mauradine guys, and complete the rescue quest before pointing my wolf’s nose toward Shadowprey Village. Once there I deal with their fishy issues and then go to Shok’Thokar to contest with the problems at that location. After killing the big demon I go be a Ghostbuster.

That done, I head into Feralas. At Camp Ataya, I kill harpies then stags and whelps. I get to 42 after the elementals, the go and seal the portal. After that I head to Stonemaul Hold for the flight point, then back to Thunder Bluff for the banking/skilling and dailies. Having completed that I log off and log on once more to the persona of … whom?

Vynstor – Blood Elf Mage

I return to the Hinterlands to take up the quest against the big spider. I reach level 39 on the second stage of that questline and then finish up the quests and take out Shadra herself. Heading to the Western Plaguelands, I hit 40 on the last of the initial quests in Andorhal then head to the Bulwark to do their bidding.

Reaching 41 at Felstone Field, I complete the training of the novice druid and head onward to the Lumber Camp and to Hearthglen. I get to level 42 in the middle of the quests for Hearthglen (on the gnolls, to be exact) but complete that questline anyhow, plus the one at Gahronn’s Withering.

The Arcane Mage is an interesting class and spec. Fighting multiple opponents is not necessarily something I do well. One opponent I can focus on is best, two is doable, three and I resort to polymorphing the extra guy which limits my AoE capabilities. One on one, however, I am pretty decent. The Ice Barrier prevents a large amount of damage.

On the other hand, I am pretty much a glass cannon. If my IB goes down and I start getting hit, that often ends badly. I do have some escape utility, though, particularly with Blink and Frost Nova, perhaps even Slow at times. In many ways the Mage class seems tuned to Frost abilities, so perhaps I just need to start getting used to using those more than I have been.

At any rate, I head back to UC and do the banking/skilling thing, getting my engineering quest done for goblin engineering. Completing the banking and skilling for this round, I log off and then become … who?

Caircallen – Dwarf Paladin

(N.B. I’ve been hospitalized much of the past week, so I haven’t had much chance to play or post. Hence the delay here, please forgive.)

I return to the Hinterlands to complete the idol of Shadra and then kill the huge spider. That done, I go to Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands to take up the fight against the Scourge and the Horde. Completing the quests there, I reach level 39.

Forging on to Chillwind Camp, I kill bears and collect feathers. Then I head to the Writhing Haunt where I kill Forsaken, getting to level 40 while so doing. Then I’m off to The Mender’s Stead to train a troll. Seriously? I’m an Alliance paladin training a Horde druid, instead of killing him on sight or at least screwing with his training?

In any case, this gives me the chance to fly back and train my riding skill, which I do, as well as picking up whatever plate armour I can afford at the AH. After finishing the training, I head to the Lumber Camp and do what needs to be done there before heading to Hearthglen.

I complete the quests there. Now, just as a matter of comparison, the Ret Paladin is a bit more squishy than the other types of Paladins. I have to decide between doing Templar’s Verdict or using my Holy Power for healing. My health drops a bit more than I used to on, say, the Protection Paladin. On the task to challenge the recruits to a duel, for instance, the Prot Pally could easily have done that by taking on three or four of them at a time, with no problem. Prot is slower, but survives no matter what. Holy does seem to lack much in the way of AoE, but also lives f’ing forever. The Ret Pally mows through the opponents quickly, but takes more damage along the way.

Eliminating the insidious Bisp, I return to The Mender’s Stead, only to be sent to Garrohn’s Withering to get the key to the cauldron, which I do. Tasked with eliminating the cultists, I head east and kill them all. While I’m in the area I pick up the flight point for the start of the Eastern Plaguelands as well. I reach level 42 on turning those quests in.

I’ll leave the finish of this zone until next round, as I need to do some archaeology. So I do that and then finish up with the banking and skilling, then become … who?

Jazzerttok – Troll Rogue

I fly to Desolation Hold and pick up the questing where I left off last round. After completing the quests for the Hold, I head on down to Firestone Point and Mankrik. While killing the quillboars I get to level 39. I turn the quests in and proceed to kill earth elementals before heading to Spearhead and blowing up Bael Modan.

My next destination is Brackenwall Village, inside Dustwallow Marsh. I complete the opening round of missions, making level 40 inside of North Point Tower. I go to Swamplight Manor next, helping out with some tasks there involving ghosts and frogs, then finally killing a demon. Hearthing back to the Village, I go kill a lot of spiders including their big queen. Turning in those quests gets me to level 41.

At level 40, I got Kidney Shot, which is the finishing move equivalent of Cheap Shot. It stuns the target for one second plus one second per combo point used. Very useful for stun locking the target; I can start with Premeditation plus Cheap Shot, which stuns the target for four seconds and gets four combo points, and get in a Hemorrhage for one more combo point, then hit Kidney Shot to stun the target for another six seconds. That’s ten seconds that the target can do absolutely nothing.

I return to Swamplight Manor to do a few more things for Jarl, dealing with the murlocs. Then I take on the Grimtotem baddies, with little problem. Except for some high-level Alliance jerk coming through and killing everything again and again. What’s the point there? Do they give rep or something?

Anyhow, I’m out next to check the ruins again, then it’s off to Tabetha. I’m asked to go deal with the crashed zeppelin, which I do. Then I go and deal with the Direhorn, another bad Tauren group, then doing experiments and collecting samples from the wildlife. Turning those quests in gets me (barely) to level 42.

At level 42, I get the Detect Traps ability which, to my knowledge, doesn’t really have much effect. I’ve not seen it come into play, at least. I could be wrong.

I am sent to Mudsprocket next. I gather the starting quests, but because I have some serious archaeology to do, I decide to leave off the questing and do some digging instead. Done with that, I retire from this persona and log on as … who?